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General Hints:

Try to use the same size box for everything, if you can; it will make loading and unloading your truck and your storage space easier. Of course, use your own discretion and test the heaviness of each box after you pack it, to make sure it will not be too heavy to lift.
Packing peanuts, bubble wrap and other packing-specific materials are great to have, but newspaper works well, too! Also, kitchen towels and pot holders can be perfect for wrapping and cushioning.
If an item you are packing has removable parts, like a kitchen mixer, wrap each part separately instead of wrapping the whole mixer together. You can put all the parts into one box.
Removing the drawers from your dresser before moving it will not only make your life easier, but the drawers can then be used as "boxes" to pack in!

Fragile Items:

Fragile | Wappingers Falls, NY | USA
Wrap each item separately, in newspaper or packing paper, or even dish towels (if you're not going to be needing those right away). For plates and bowls, place a piece of newspaper or a wash rag in between each plate and bowl. When wrapping cups and glasses, be sure to fold in the sides of the paper, to protect both the bottom and top of each item.
Pack breakable items, as tightly as you can to reduce movement, in a SMALL box, and remember to write "Fragile" on the out side of the box. Larger boxes filled to capacity may get too heavy to lift carefully.

Heavy Items:

Large Box | Wappingers Falls, NY | USA
Don't pack too much into one box, because the box may get too heavy to lift. Try to pack one heavy item in a box, then fill the rest of the box with lighter items. For example, consider putting a kitchen mixer in a box with a set of plastic mixing bowls, or spoons and spatulas.