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Fill your storage unit from back to front, placing larger items in the back and along the walls.
Put aside any items you know you'll need frequent access to, so that you can be sure to put those in the front.
Leave paths between items or boxes so you can easily reach items in the back.
Using similar-sized boxes will make stacking them easier, as well as maximizing the usable space in your unit.
Make sure that all boxes are turned so that labels and other identification are easily visible, so that you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for.
Disassemble any furniture that can be taken apart, and group their parts together (or even color code all of the parts!) so nothing gets lost.
Try to keep your stacks of boxes at shoulder height or lower, so you don't have to try to struggle with getting to a box that's over your head, and remember to stack from heaviest to lightest.
These simple storage organization tips can help you make the most of your rented space. For more help on finding a storage unit to fit your needs, call A Space To Place at (845) 297-4747 to talk to a helpful staff member. We'll help you find the perfect fit!